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San Fransisco
Case Studies

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Event organizers sought out the digital media prowess of Chameleon to drive Fan-atics to the Comic Showcase in San Fransisco.

Determining the audience within this diverse metropolis area required out-of-the-box concepts and quantifiable tactics.

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Chameleon Digital Media made a conscious choice to go above expectations when building this passion focused audience.

By employing mobile location targeting and detailed audience insights, Chameleon Digital Media was able to cross-compile data and apply a blended campaign delivery across Banner Ads and Connected TV deliveries.

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Consequently, the campaign strategy and distinguished audience provided the Event Organizers with a 4% lift in overall traffic.

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Chameleon Digital Media is a location-based data company that utilizes mobile footprints to understand consumer behavior.

Customized, real-life, movement data allows our customers to capture business insights and better target specific audiences.

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