Sports Betting

We determine specific data sets and key audience segments based on location and deliver ads based on relevant time periods.


Trend Predictions:

Sports Bet

As alternative betting platforms continue to emerge
there will be a trend of Canadians experimenting with
new types of betting platforms never considered before.

Stats in Canada

  • The Canadian sports betting industry is expected to grow to $2.4 billion by 2023.
  • Sports betting makes up 40.3% of all online betting activities.
  • 70% of sports bettors are male.


Hardcore Sports Fan


Using Chameleon Digital Media’s Precision Polygoning Technology, we captured Mobile Device ID’s during key Toronto Maple Leaf playoff hockey games both at home in Toronto and while playing out of town.

We captured this hard-core fan Toronto Maple Leaf fan audience 3 ways:

  • As they entered the Scotia Bank Arena on specific playoff days & times
  • Sidewalk traffic around the Scotia Bank Arena during key playoff days and time periods (pre and post game)
  • Maple Leaf’s Square during both home and out of town games during playoff games and specific time periods

We understand Sports Betting audiences based on real life movement and determine key audience segments

This data allows us to understand the journey of sports better by mapping out their daily movement patterns using home and work location data through mobile devices


Playoff Schedule


Game 1:

May 2, 2022

Home Game

1,804 Visitors Seen at Scotia Bank Arena & Maple Leaf Square

Game 2:

May 4, 2022

Home Game

1,684 Visitors Seen at Scotia Bank Arena & Maple Leaf Square

Game 3:

May 6, 2022

Away Game

630 Visitors Seen at Scotia Bank Arena & Maple Leaf Square

Game 4:

May 8, 2022

Away Game

172 Visitors Seen at Scotia Bank Arena & Maple Leaf Square




  • From Chameleons Location Insights Report, we would look to understand how far the hard-core Toronto Maple Leaf’s fans are willing to travel to see their team play – those attending the event live within the Scotia Bank Arena and within the Maple Leaf Square atmosphere.


  • The Location Insights Report highlight the customer journey both before and after visiting Scotia Bank Arena. 2 hours before and after plus we are able to see identified points of interest during the journey.

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Chameleon is a digital media company that uses location-based data as the foundation to understand peoples movements for business insights or audience targeting.

Using people real-life movements to understand them as consumer audiences.

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