Identify the right customer segment, assess risk profiles, and eventually acquire more customers.




People insights


Home & work Location


Household Income


Professional Background

Places insights


Visitation Patterns


Socio Demographics


Path to Purchase




Enhance customer engagement

Enhance leads scoring

Maximize new customer acquisitions


Delivering Better Digital Media Performance

for Financial Institution

Personal Banking is a Highly Competitive Line of Business

How do you target your competitors’ customers AND avoid showing your acquisition offers to your own customers?

By targeting the mobile IDs of people visiting specific physical locations

To do this effectively, you need scale and accuracy

Our location-based data:

  • Comes from the largest location-based data company in the world. We see 19 million devices a month in Canada.
  • Is accurate to less than a metre (3 feet).
  • Has historical data going back 7 years.

Build the custom target audience

  • Your competitors’ customers (people visiting those bank locations).
  • Omit visitors to your locations.
  • Omit students (school visitors).

Show them your offer

  • With video, standard banners, and more.
  • Use the mobile IDs associated with the custom audience in your own paid search and paid social campaigns for holistic campaign efforts and testing.

Measure your performance improvement

  • Footfall attribution and ad exposure results on your physical locations and website

Who we are

Chameleon Digital Media is a location-based data company that utilizes mobile footprints to understand consumer behavior.

Customized, real-life, movement data allows our customers to capture business insights and better target specific audiences.

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