The Data

Providing data to power business insights and audience targeting

Accessing Data On

19 Trillion

Total Location Observations

1 Billion

Monthly Global Devices

19 Million

Monthly Canadian Devices

7+ Years

Of Historic Data




Processed to extract the best value for business solutions


Enriched with 1P data




Easy to use




Cleansed, contextualised and completed data


Massive global scale ensures confidence


Patented identify resolution


Machine learning driven predictive modeling


Chameleon Data’s

Path to Quality

Our Mobile Intelligence engine focuses on quality, so you don’t have to

19 Data Sources
250,000 Apps
650 MN Devices

Multi-Source Consolidation
Data Lake Screening
ML vs. Fraud
Multi-Source Consolidation

20 Trillion Data Points
7 Years Historic Data
Global Coverage

Ruthless Focus on Quality

Chameleon discards as much as 75% of the data entering our doors


Data Driven

Business Solutions

Research and Media Activation


Location driven
Customer Insights


Custom Audience Segmentation


Digital Media Activation


Human Movement Insights


Media Attribution


CRM and Loyalty Data Enhancement



Consumer insights


Brand Affinity


Household Income


Profiles & Interests


Online Affinity


Social Media Engagement

Store insights


Footfall Trends


Path To Purchase


Distance Travelled


Trade Area


Store Segmentation

Who we are

Chameleon Digital Media is a location-based data company that utilizes mobile footprints to understand consumer behavior.

Customized, real-life, movement data allows our customers to capture business insights and better target specific audiences.

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