Hyperlocal media, informed by data

We connect online to offline behaviours, offering brands a complete understanding of their customer, delivering unparalleled location-based media solutions.

What we do

We provide real time, ethically collected, location based data-mobile footprints proven to capture deeper insights into consumer behaviour – delivering targeting with precision and confidence.


Combining your brands First-Party data with trillions of points of Mobile Location Data is the foundation to understanding your true target audience.


Any brand can buy a basic mobile audience; at CDM we build your brand the most custom and specific audiences that YOU define, own and refine.


At CDM we have a team of digital media agency experts that can help you deliver all of your marketing objectives; everywhere, using the very audiences we craft with you.


Easy to understand and shareable analytics are provided in CDM's data reporting platform Datalytica. Your keys to this platform provide you and your clients real time login access to view and share campaigns. YOUR data all in one place with all your campaigns online and offline.

Who we serve


  • Data & audience crafting & consultancy
  • Media sales and execution
  • Cross media evaluation
  • Managed services
  • Creative services
  • Whitelable backend management
  • Reporting and analytics


  • In-depth digital media services
  • Compliment AOR digital services
  • Data and audience consultancy
  • Media planning and execution
  • Reporting and analytics


  • OOH inventory Management systems
  • OOH Camapign planning tools
  • Mobile location data related to OOH locations
  • New revenue streams for OOH in targeting your OOH audience
  • Data and Audience consultancy
  • Mobile Media planning and execution
  • Reporting and analytics


  • Inventory management system for all retail media assets
  • Campaign planning tools for all retail media campaigns digital and static
  • Mobile location data and analytics for Business Intelligence
  • First Party data storage and parsing
  • Foot Traffic attribution & Reporting
  • Partner to help build manage and revenue-lutionize your retail locations

Data simplified. Insights amplified.

Datalytica is uniquely our platform – delivering impactful consumer and business insights, straight to your own exclusive Datalytica portal

Data fusion intelligence

Combine your internal company data with a curated amount of Datalytica data to understand your business.

Automated data ingestion

We’ll ingest various data sets you have across your business units.

Data refinement and insights

Clean, classify and segment your data into business insights.

Strategic data enhancement

Post data analysis, we incorporate a strategic selection of data to enhance your existing data, solving business challenges.

Case studies

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Amazon Hub
Amazon Hub was actively looking to engage with local businesses in key areas to raise awareness to small business owners about Amazon Hub’s Delivery Partners program.
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Comic Showcase Cleveland
Event organizers needed a versatile strategy for driving cosplayers, fandoms, and friends to their convention. Reaching this niche yet highly qualified audience within Cleveland, OH proved to be a challenge historically.
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Comic Showcase San Francisco
Event organizers sought out the digital media prowess of Chameleon to drive Fan-atics to the Comic Showcase in San Francisco.
Read Case Study
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