We provide you with the analytical tools that you need to look at all of your or your client’s First-Party data along all of the real time media, marketing, and social in one place. Be in control of how you see and share maps, graphs and charts with your clients when you log into our campaign reporting tool,

Revolutionizing precision:
Datalytica delivers market-leading insights

We process billions of data points every day via our Datalytica platform, creating a massive mobile location data store. This, combined with our military grade boundary polygons, generates the most accurate measurement – and insights – on the market today.

Unified Data: Transforming Diverse Types into Deeper Insights

Unlocking the pulse of consumer insights

Real time precision

A treasure trove of information that is continuously generated by the vast network of connected devices, sensors, and applications in the physical world.

Unparalleled audience insights

Chameleon location data provides a granular view of consumer behavior, preferences, and movement patterns.

Data-driven market advantage

Leverage this treasure trove of information to stay ahead of competitors and gain unparalleled insights into their target audiences and markets.

Complete data mastery

Exceptional UI & flexible data intetgration

Business-user friendly interface

Datalytica enables businesses to easily visualize and interact with data through intuitive dashboards and reports.

Flexible data integration

The platform also offers flexible integration options, allowing businesses to seamlessly integrate their data.

Client first-party data

Consolidate your internal company data to optimize business insights and address challenges by integrating sales, inventory, marketing, and CRM data.

Robust and sophisticated data processing capabilities

Datalytica employs state-of-the-art algorithms and machine learning models to process and analyze vast amounts of Chameleon Location based data in real time, allowing businesses to access actionable insights without delay.

Data Privacy and Compliance Assurance

Our platform adheres to stringent data security standards, protecting sensitive client information, and providing granular data access controls.


Datalytica leverages the unparalleled capabilities of Amazon Web Services (AWS) to supercharge your data processing needs. With AWS, we harness the power of cloud computing to deliver robust, scalable, secure and sophisticated solutions for your data processing requirements.

Historical foot traffic analysis

Where is your store traffic coming from? Where are the best places to build new locations or advertise?

Competitive intelligence & cannibalization studies

Analyze foot traffic overlap between yourself and competitors, identifying optimal trade areas.

Customer intelligence

Our Mobile Location Intelligence Engine refines data to solve business challenges.

We offer 3 key research methods that
drive high-impact solutions.

So you’ve launched a new campaign... but is your advertising working? That’s where our Mobile Intelligence Engine comes in.

Evening/Daytime common locations

Explore home vs. work locations and messaging so you can send the right message at the right time.

Path to Visit, Brand Affinity, Points of Interest

Which brands and locations resonate with your target consumers?

Audience personas

Who are your customers, really? What are the most effective methods of engagement?

Daily & hourly traffic trends

Drive traffic when you most want it.

How do we measure campaign success?
foot traffic attribution reports.

We process billions of data points every day, creating a massive mobile location data store. This, combined with our military grade boundary polygons, generates the most accurate measurement – and insights – on the market today.

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