We provide real time, ethically collected, location based data-mobile footprints proven to capture deeper insights into consumer behaviour – delivering targeting with precision and confidence.

We gather mobile location data in a privacy-compliant manner, which means that all of our data is exclusively ethically sourced.

Where does the data come from? Any time a consumer allows an app or website to access their location, this is data we collect and analyze.

Audience based targeting

With the deprecation of the “cookie” using real location movements of people to understand someone as a consumer has never been more important in building your cohort audience.


CDM is able to connect with 100s of millions of devices globally. Understanding who they are, to being able to re-target them in social media or any app; on Earth.


Mobile location data tells you more; you see the direct actions people take after being exposed to advertising. If people show up in specific locations with Foot Traffic Attribution reports, to cross performance analysis of all your media, online and offline.

350 data source connectors

Not only can your company, agency or brand add in all its First-Party data to the Datalytica platform, but we can bring together over 350 connectors to be able to visualize yours, or your clients data in one place.

Imagine being able to roll-up all your campaign data into one place and share a link with your client or team so they can see up to the minute reporting on all your marketing plans.

Data driven mobile media

We are a digital media company that focuses on location data as the key to audience engagement.


We intersect and collect trillions of data points, filtering and refining what is relevant to your brand and your specific campaigns.


Working together with you we combine your data with our distilled mobile data in our business intelligence platform, Datalytica to dissect and form unparalleled audience intelligence.

Generate insights

Our Mobile Location Intelligence Engine refines your brand’s data to solve business challenges, and inform media execution opportunities like no other.

Deliver results

We deliver ALL media and advertising to any KPI using the very refined and defined audiences we have created and curated with you.

We have access to over
18 trillion+ total location

Thousands of apps request access to a user’s location, and many even require location access to function.

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