Your audience, based on reality! Along with our data scientists, our proprietary technology Datalytica maps your data to the real world movements of people with the highest levels of accuracy and precision, all curated and crafted to your brand needs.

Mobile polygon technology

Our Mobile Polygon technology enables us to draw precise perimeters around specific locations for custom audience building. We also draw precise perimeters around POI locations, competitor stores, and landmarks custom audiences move through. This enables us to accurately separate true target locations from irrelevant traffic for more accurate audience building and targeting – and reach those audiences before they visit the specified location and after they have left.

Location based audiences

Using key locations to define who a customer might be.

Active primary grocery shopper

  • We see a vehicle in the pick up dropoff zones at schools in morning and evening
  • We see the mobile device at Starbucks
  • We see a vehicle in the pick up dropoff zones at schools in morning and evening

New immigrant

  • We see the mobile device living in another country
  • We see the mobile device at Starbucks
  • We see that device going to visa application offices
  • We see that device now in a new country for a month
  • We see that device going to locations of identity or visa


We work with you to create your perfect target audience, what defines people is where they go, and this is what we know! Custom is our middle name!

Driving business results with custom audience and targeting solutions built on Real World Behaviour

Your customers are on the move, constantly changing behaviours, interests, needs, values, media consumption and purchasing patterns. Their tastes and behaviours are always evolving It’s more difficult than ever to engage, inform, influence and delight them.

Our real-time location-based data helps you evolve with them. We deliver deep customer journeys for custom audience segments and precision audience targeting that drive conversions and growth.

Custom Audiences

Building audiences is in our DNA! We love a challenge and can make sense out the movements and actions of people to be able to craft the perfect audience for you.

Make your First Party data work for you. Don’t let it sit in a file collecting dust; you own it, use it to better understand your audience.

Audience showcase

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An audience built to the high standard AlcoBev brands require clearly targeting a precise age gated audience. Laying in Festival or event audiences brings a nuanced target consumer that resonates with brands.
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Tire shops, service centers, auto dealerships and auto shows all make up location data opportunities for the auto industry. Understanding the consumers data from travel patterns to locations visited define auto enthusiasts...
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Back to School
Studying the drop off and pick up areas at daycare, through elementary schools, to the specialized High Schools (STEM segment) all the way up to major University campus locations; we data build unique back to school audiences...
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